Organic Policy & Guarantee

We have the knowledge and expertise you need to sustainably develop your organic sector.

The Organic Policy & Guarantee department coordinates our work supporting the improvement of organic standards and verification systems. Regulatory frameworks determine how organic products may or may not be traded around the world and therefore have a tremendous impact on organic market development.  

For many years, IFOAM – Organics International has been providing advice to policymakers, national organic movements, NGOs and others, on strategies to develop sustainable and credible organic sectors. We also maintain an Organic Guarantee System, a global non-profit independent evaluation program that helps you understand which organic labels you can trust.

Detailed information about our diverse undertakings can be found below. Should you have questions, please get in touch with us.


Joelle Katto-Angrighetto
Organic Policy & Guarantee Manager
j.katto [at]

Organic Regulation Toolkit
Tools to guide policy makers in developing or improving organic policies
Background information and services for standard owners, certification bodies and operators.
An alternative to third-party certification.
Inspiration for the future of organic.