IFOAM Latin America


IFOAM Latin America aims to develop influential proposals for the global organic and agroecological movements, based on realities of Latin America and Caribbean stakeholders.

Currently, IFOAM Latin America represents organizations (IFOAM affiliates) like producers associations, traders, certifiers, NGOs and individuals from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our Visions and Objectives

Shared (External) Vision

We work and look for a global society with life quality, with informed happy citizens exercising their rights and duties, based on the principles of sustainable development and democracy; integrated; upholding values of solidarity, equity and justice; open to changes; respectful regarding traditional knowledge and cultural diversity; committed with the production and consumption of organic and biodiverse products.

Internal Vision

IFOAM Latin America is a non-profit organization with a high level of capacity to lobby for organic agriculture, integrated by IFOAM members and supporters and individuals working in favor of Organic Agriculture in the region.

Our objectives include:

  • Fomenting action concerning IFOAM policies
  • Fortifying the expansion of organic agriculture and the movement in Latin America and the Carribbean
  • Actively seeking alliances and political support by national governments, intergovernmental agencies, parliaments, ministries and organizations, with the objective generating favorable public policies supporting the production, commercialization of organic products.
  • Supporting the transfer of knowledge and horizontal interchange between organizations and promote the extension and application of ecological systems to other sectors.
  • Investigating local, regional and national development of organic markets.
  • Serving as a forum for the discussion and analysis of the contemporary situation for organic agriculture in Latin America, the Caribbean and the world

For detailed information, please download our rules of procedure.

the new board of directors 

Homero Blas (hblas [at] somexpro.org), Somexpro, Mexico

Carlos A. Escobar F. directorio [at] latinamerica.ifoam.org (()caescobar [at] econexos.orgdirectorio [at] latinamerica.ifoam.org ()), Econexos, Colombia

Carlos G. Reyes (creyes [at] daabon.com.co), Grupo Daabon, Colombia

Jose Luis Crespo (presidencia [at] aopeb.orggerencia [at] aopeb.org ()),  AOPEB, Bolivia

Ruben Maldonado (ruben.maldonado [at] agrecolandes.org), Fundación Agrecolandes, Bolivia


directorio [at] latinamerica.ifoam.org