Tailored Training Programs

The Organic Academy is closely attuned to the needs of the sector and has been developing training courses tailored to the specific needs of a wide range of clients for the last 6 years. These tailored-made trainings vary from extensive training programs with 2 or more residential sessions and monthly webinars similar to the Organic Leadership Course (OLC), to one day typical trainings delivered at conferences or workshops.


See examples below.

Nutrition in Mountain Agro-ecosystems (NMA):

The NMA project has launched the Capacity Development Program (CDP) for Rural Service Providers (RSPs) in five mountain countries in Nepal, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia and Peru.

NMA Nepal 2016 ClassroomNMA Nepal 2016 GroupNMA Nepal Farm 2016

The course aims to assist the development of the required knowledge and skills about Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture through an intensive program of participatory knowledge sharing and empowerment of Rural Service Providers to further extend this knowledge in rural areas through implementation of micro-projects as part of their program output and in support of the NMA project objectives.

It will teach participants about an extensive range of topics related to nutrition sensitive and sustainable agriculture systems based on the agro-ecological approaches. 

NMA Kyrgyzstan 2016 Excursion nma_kyrgyzstan_2016_classroomnma_kyrgyzstan_group

Syllabus topics are:
•Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA), Agroecology(AE) and Organic Agriculture (OA) principles and practices: Solution-driven for local agro-ecosystems
•MP - Micro-interventions (Micro-project development under the scope of NMA)
•Extension/advisory service and facilitation: Approaches, methodology and practice
•Value chain and markets
•Support structures and networks
•Advocacy, lobbying and campaigns
•Leadership, management and communication tools

The course announcements are also available in the respective country spaces of the MAAN platform (Mountain in Agro-ecosystems Action Network)

The Organic Agriculture Academy for Extension Agents (OAAEA)

The Organic Academy successfully commenced with the development of the Organic Agriculture Academy for Extension Agents in the Republic of Korea, in partnership with the Rural Development Agency (RDA). It consists of two residential trainings every year, developing the capapcity of Korean Extension Agents to advise organic farmers. Read more about the OAAEA here

We have the skills and resources to assist you in developing tailor-made training programs and to provide support services and faciliation for your training needs. Please contact the Head of Capacity Development: Konrad Hauptfleisch at academy [at] ifoam.org for further information.

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