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OGS Courier 12

The OGS Courier gives you updates about the various components of the IFOAM Organic Guarantee System, such as the Family of Standards, the IFOAM Standard, the two IFOAM Accreditation Programs and the Global Organic Mark. Through the OGS Courier, you learn about public consultations, special offers and discounts, call for membership on OGS Committees, new standard approvals, OGS related events, and much more.

The OGS Courier was launched in November 2010 and is published on average 4 times a year. To subscribe to the OGS Courier, please write an email to ogs [at], specifying your name and organization, or visit our subscriptions page.

Looking for information on Participatory Guarantee Systems? Check the The Global PGS Newsletter instead.


Issue 21 (May 2015) - The role of IFOAM - Organics International in all OGS matters
Issue 20 (March 2015) - The Crusade to maintain organic market access
Issue 19 (August 2014) - IFOAM Norms 2014 published
Issue 18 (May 2014) - The challenge of organic standard setting and the solutions IFOAM offers
Issue 17 (February 2014) - The Organic labels that IFOAM will promote at BioFach
Issue 16 (December 2013) - The many ways in which you can get involved
Issue 15 (November 2013) - Trustworthy standards are the basis
Issue 14 (June 2013) - New Developments on the IFOAM Standard Front
Issue 13 (December 2012) - The Global Organic Mark: The future begins now
Issue 12 (August 2012) - IFOAM publishes the IFOAM Norms Version 2012
Issue 11 (May 2012) - New developments in various parts of the OGS
Issue 10 (January 2012) - Upcoming opportunities at BioFach
Issue 9 (December 2011) - Jump on the Family train and IFOAM standard motions
Issue 8 (August 2011) - Membership approved COROS
Issue 7 (June 2011) - COROS approval
Issue 6 (March 2011) - Feedback of BioFach 2011 in Nuremberg
Issue 5 (February 2011) - Launch of the Global Organic Mark and other OGS Logos
Issue 4 (January 2011) - IFOAM Norms Consultation
Issue 3 (January 2011) - Launch of the IFOAM Family of Standard
Issue 2 (December 2010)
- Issue 1 (November 2010)

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