Donate specifically for Raising awareness on the multiple benefits of organic agriculture (Joan S. Davis Memorial Fund)

Raising awareness on the multiple benefits of organic agriculture
(Joan S. Davis Memorial Fund)

Making people aware of the multiple and interconnected benefits of organic farming is key in moving towards more sustainable agriculture. With your support, IFOAM – Organics International can develop communications materials that show how organic farming can contribute solutions to major global challenges. Based on scientific evidence, convincing arguments shall be presented in simple and attractive ways. The various communication materials – websites, fact sheets, presentations, videos – will then be widely distributed so that they can be used by others thus reaching a greater audience. 

This work was initiated by Joan S. Davis who dedicated her life to the pursuit of a more sustainable and mindful relationship with our planet. Her significant contributions to science, education and policy-making inspired many people through her unique way of interconnecting subjects. Unexpectedly, and in the midst of her indefatigable work, Joan S. Davis passed away on January 11th, 2016. 

You can learn more about Joan and her work here:

For more information on the multiple benefits of organic farming “Sustainable agriculture for a sustainable planet” by Frank Eyhorn, Joan S. Davis and Heiko Specking, download this brochure.

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