Worldwide there are 2.3 million organic farmers, 43.7 million ha of certified organic land and US$ 80 billion in consumer purchases of organic. 

Thanks to IFOAM - Organics International, this extremely diverse global organic movement shares experiences, finds inspiration and formulates innovative ideas and strategies. 

Your donation can help us to:

  • Generate resource materials for organic stakeholders: publications, videos, position papers, consolidated statistics and more.
  • Sponsor the participation of future organic leaders from developing countries in the Organic Academy.
  • Further elaborate visions of truly sustainable farming, processing and trade.
  • Speak out at major UN conferences. 
  • Invest in the organic sector in places where mainstream agricultural development programs have neglected to do so. 

By donating, you make a real difference to livelihoods around the world and help us strengthen the organic movement from the grass-roots up.


Making people aware of the multiple and interconnected benefits of organic farming is key in moving towards more sustainable agriculture.This work was initiated by Joan S. Davis who dedicated her life to the pursuit of a more sustainable and mindful relationship with our planet. Unexpectedly, Joan S. Davis passed away on January 11th, 2016.
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