World Board Candidates for 2020-2023 tenure

World Board Candidates: tenure 2020 - 2023

Our World Board, tenure of 2020 - 2023, will be elected at the General Assembly. We are looking to fill ten seats. Candidates who submitted their complete application are published below, in alphabetical order (last name). The final deadline for applications is April, 30th 2020. Applications should be submitted to Thomas Cierpka at ga [at] (subject: World%20Board%20Candidacy%202020-2023) .

We are happy to announce that the following candidates are presenting themselves for the World Board election 2020:

  • David Amudavi, Kenya (current World Board Member)

  • Jacques Caplat, France

  • Sarah Compson, UK

  • Choitresh Kumar (Bablu) Ganguly, India (current World Board Member)

  • Bernward Geier, Germany

  • Hans Herren, Switzerland (current World Board Member)

  • Fortunate Hofisi, Zimbabwe

  • Paul Holmbeck, Denmark

  • ​Kate Kibarah, Kenya

  • Julia Lernoud, Argentina (current World Board Member)

  • Karen Mapusua, Fiji Islands (current Vice President)

  • Melody Meyer, USA

  • ​Eugene Milovanov, Ukraine

  • Charikleia Minotou, Greece

  • Shamika Mone, India

  • Miyoshi Satoko, Japan

  • Marco Schlüter, Germany

  • Jennifer Taylor, USA

  • Rumiko Yamazaki, Japan

This first round of candidates from whom we have received full applications is published ahead of the deadline to help candidates decide who are not yet sure whether to run for the Board. If you are undecided, why not have a look at what a complete application entails in the call for World Board members?

More information about each candidate including their candidacy statement, summary CV and a photo of the candidate will be published on this website in May 2020.