One World Award

  • One World Award 2017


Honouring extraordinary people working toward a brighter future.

The biennial One World Award is endowed with 25,000 €, donated by Rapunzel Naturkost, and is under the patronage of IFOAM. The prize was first presented at the IFOAM Organic World Congress in Modena, Italy in 2008.

Objectives of the One World Award

  • To promote innovative activities that rest on all three pillars of sustainability: ecological, social and economic.
  • To recognize creative and highly effective solutions in the areas of environmental protection and fair livelihoods.
  • To encourage involvement in projects that foster a loveable, liveable future and peaceful community building. 


One World Award Laureates

Winners of the ONE WORLD AWARD

2008: Lal Emmanuel, Sri Lanka, Nagenahiru Foundation
2010: Dr. Hans Rudolf Herren, Rachel Agola and the Swiss Biovision Foundation
2012: Nacianceno M. Pacalioga, Jr. (Major Jun), Phillippines
2014: The Korean Hansalim Federation and The Timbaktu Collective from India


2008: Professor Dr. Engelhard Boehncke, Germany
2010: Bhaskar H. Save, India
2012: Ana Primavesi, Brazil
2014: Fred Kirschenmann, USA

Winners of the ONE-WORLD-VIP-AWARD for Very Impacting People

2010: Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize laureate Prof. Wangari Matu Maathai
2014: The former German Minister of the Environment, Klaus Töpfer


For detailed information on the laureates, please visit the One World Award Homepage or write to owa [at]

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