Our Team

Located in Bonn, Germany, the International Office of IFOAM - Organics International takes care of day-to-day operational actives ranging from membership management and organic program implementation to the organization of leadership courses. The  Office consists of the following departments:

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Governance Department 

Executive Director

Thomas Cierpka, Deputy DirectorSenior Manager Membership and Operations

Senior Office Coordinator

Project Finance & Administration Coordinator

Omkar Gopalakrishnan, Executive Director Assistant(Coordinator) ED SupportMembership Coordinator

Simon Kufferath, ITSenior IT Officer

Junior IT Coordinator


Capacity Development

Head of Capacity Development

Head of Capacity Development

Senior Project Coordinator

Senior Academy Coordinator


Project Manager

Senior Project Coordinator

Alejandro EspinozaSenior Project Coordinator


Project Coordinator


Policy and Guarantee Department

Head of Policy & Guarantee 

Head of Global Policy 

Chief Food Security Campaigner

Flávia CastroSenior Policy & Guarantee Coordinator

Federica Varini Policy & Guarantee Coordinator

Cornelia KirchnerSenior Policy & Guarantee Coordinator


Head of Communications & Engagement

Niamh Holland-Essoh, Communications Coordinator  Head of Communications & Outreach

Patrick German, Digital Communications AssistantDigital Communications Coordinator         

 Digital Media Coordinator

Communications Coordinator


International Office Contact Details

IFOAM - Organics International
Charles-de-Gaulle-Str. 5
53113 Bonn

Phone: +49-228-92650-10
Fax: +49-228-92650-99    
e-mail: contact [at] ifoam.bio (contact)headoffice [at] ifoam.bio (@ifoam.bio)